Quality Used Golf Cart Sales and Service

Posted by Vic on Wednesday Dec 29, 2010 Under General

Visit us at Vic’s Used Carts for all of your used golf cart needs. We provide a wide variety of used carts for all price ranges. Here at Vic’s Used Carts we also provide maintenance and a wide variety of parts and after-market accessories for your cart.

Please call ahead if you are planning to stop by, our schedule varies from week to week.

We are located 5 miles south of Bonham, Texas on Highway 121 and 30 miles north of McKinney, Tx. Click here for Directions

Used Golf Cart Quality Used Golf Cart Sales and Service

Wide Selection of Used Golf Carts for Sale


Custom Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Golf Cart

Posted by Vic on Saturday Sep 3, 2011 Under General

We just finished putting the finishing touches on this custom “General Lee” golf cart based on the beloved Dukes of Hazzard tv show.

Nick was quoted saying ” Roscoe ain’t stopping this cart!”

Golf Cart General Lee Custom Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Golf Cart

If you’ve got an idea for a custom cart, just talk to Vic and see if he can create what you want! Vic’s happy to serve all of your used golf cart needs in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.


Check Out This Used EZ-GO Lifted Cart

Posted by Vic on Tuesday Jul 5, 2011 Under General

Vic’s Used Carts has this great looking EZ-GO custom cart available for $3400 dollars with the current batteries or $3700 with a set of new Interstate Batteries. The cart has custom wheels and tires plus a lift kit.

20110704163000 768x1024 Check Out This Used EZ GO Lifted Cart

Used EZGO Golf Cart with Lift Kit

Vic’s Used Carts is here to serve all of your used golf cart needs in the Dallas area. Take the drive up Highway 121 from Dallas and let us put you in a golf cart at a great price.


Difficulty Charging Batteries after the Recent Cold Spells

Posted by Vic on Sunday Mar 6, 2011 Under General

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been getting quite a few calls from folks having trouble with their golf cart battery chargers. No matter how they try, they can’t get their golf cart batteries to take a charge.

Many of the new golf cart battery chargers need the golf cart batteries to have a minimum of 32 volts worth of charge in order for the battery charger to engage. With the recent bad weather we’ve had and the general inactivity due to winter, many golf cart batteries fall below this required voltage.

You can utilize a standard 12 volt battery charger to bring your batteries up to a minimum voltage that will allow your golf cart battery charger to operate. The key is to just charge 2 batteries at a time.

If you are experiencing trouble with getting your golf cart batteries to charge, give me a call and I can help you walk through the steps.


Just In! Very Nice 2007 E-Z-GO Electric Golf Cart

Posted by Vic on Saturday Jan 22, 2011 Under General

We received a very nice 2007 E-Z-GO PDS with a set of 2010 batteries. Price $1950.00

Give us a call and let us put you in this very nice used golf cart.

2007 EZ GO PDS with 2010 Batteries Just In! Very Nice 2007 E Z GO Electric Golf Cart

Just in this week! 2007 E-Z-GO PDS with 2010 Batteries